Co-curating the exhibition and symposium 'City Rescriptions' for the 2018 Havana Biennial was the opportunity to test the ideas of the project An architecture of diplomacy, and engage with local artists and inhabitants on how the city can be altered by means of its architectural agency.
An exhibition presented a selection of architectural projects including the proposal for an EU embassy, intentionally unresolved to invite for discussions. A built installation on the site of the proposed embassy tested the possibility of spatial appropriation in public space and a symposium focused on the political agency of architecture in Cuba. 
Project featured on Terremotto and Hyperallergenic.

Opening event of the 2018 Havana Biennial where we exhibited a collection of architecture proposals for the city.

Publication 'Political Architecture: La Habana' including writings about the exhibition and symposium 'City Rescriptions', the essay 'An undiplomatic architecture' and the project an EU embassy in Havana.