Camille Filbien is an architect MAA, interested in critical research and design in architecture and urbanism.
Part of Medium she is currently working on a research and design project in collaboration with the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. 
Previously, she co-curated the exhibition and symposium 'City Rescriptions' at the 2018 Havana Art Biennial, designed and built an installation in Seoul part of the International Union of Architects World Congress 2017, and participated in Another Architecture an exhibition and symposium in Tbilisi, Georgia. 
She was editor and contributor to the publication 'Political Architecture 2017: Tbilisi' and contributor to the publication 'Political Architecture 2018: Havana'.
Camille graduated from Political Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) in Copenhagen. Her Master thesis speculated on the role of architecture in enabling diplomacy, through the design of an EU embassy in Havana. She holds a Bachelor in architecture from the University of Bath, UK, and participated in the minor 'House of the Future' at TU Delft, the Netherlands. 
Camille previously worked as an architectural assistant at Gresford Architects in London on housing projects and international competitions, and at ADP in Amsterdam on the winning competition for an education center in Almere.
Part of By-works, she is engaged in an ongoing research and design project on the architecture of civic engagement.